About US

Who are we?

We are overlanders traveling the globe with our Landrover Defender 110 from 2006 called the 'Granny'.
Not that she is that old, but it was named after a character from some game our boys were playing called Roblox. Back in the days when the Ipad was more essential than water and food.

There is Ryan (2007) - Roan (2013) and Reaf (2015) and the two of us Jill (1982) and Hikmet (1982).

We are originally from The Netherlands and we left our city The Hague in August 2019.
Our Granny was shipped from Rotterdam to Montevideo whilst we were flying via, and stayed for a while in London and Buenos Aires to eventually pick up our Granny in Montevideo beginning of September 2019.

From there on our journey starts

Our passion

Nikon - Can't stop making pictures (jillblackstonephotography.nl)
AIOKS - Our All In One Kitchen System - Cooking with love

Football/Soccer - Loves to kick a ball everyday
GoPro - Still doesn't know how that thing works

Hammock - Attach it to our Granny and a tree on the other side
Gastronome - Loves to eat and enjoy all different kinds of food

Mathematics - Is our livestream calculator
Game player - Wants to play (board) games the whole day

Language expert - Talks whole day
Hulk (or any other superhero) - Believes he can fly and destroy buildings

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